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Here are a few of the amazing changes in our members in 30 days.  

Fat loss and Weight loss.  

Here is Amy in only 30 days

Yes, there is still a ways to go but just look at her skin and health.  After only 30 days.  No dieting and no work out...

Down from 355 lbs to 317 lbs With no Exercise or Dieting

You Eat 5 times or more per day, NO Calorie counting, No Weighing of foods

Bakes chicken with mushrooms and mixed vegetables... No calorie counting...

Raw Chocolate Hearts are on the lean body 360 program. You will not feel deprived at all.  All Recipes are included

Dr George Kosmides is the program director and is with you every step of the way

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                       Dr George is personally comments and posts in the members area.  You will win your body back for life...

Dr George will personally answer your questions with a video or audio available to you in the members area. It's all about support and help.

about Dr George Kosmides 

Dr. George Kosmides is also a continuing education provider and has written several books.



“Serious about losing weight? Work with Dr. Kosmides”

Dr. George and his programs treats the whole person. His program is sound, easy to follow, and tailored for each person. I highly recommend Dr. George for anyone who wants to finally gain control of your weight and become lean. Dr. George and his team are supportive, professional and dedicated in making you see real results.


Darin Scott, Los Angeles

“I became better in a short time”

Before coming to see Dr. Kosmides, I received three spinal pain-block shots over a period of months, with little or no relief from the pain. I also had numbness running down my legs. I was stiff and felt a lack of energy. My wife, a patient of Dr. George's, suggested that I come for an exam. At first, I was reluctant, but with constant suffering I decided to see him. My low back disk pain and low energy that I suffered from became better in a short time. I am able to do things that were UN-doable before.


Jerry P, Phoenix, Arizona

“I was able to move more freely as my Blood sugar improved”

After 24 years as a mail carrier and my car accident, my knees and back were a mess -- bad arthritis that's worse when it rains. Dr. Kosmides helped me fix my problems. Over only a few treatments, I was able to move more freely. The diet, nutrition and adjustments have helped me so much. Thank you.


Laura P, Los Angeles

“This doctor has helped me more than any doctor or specialist I have ever seen.”

I am amazed at the knowledge that he has. I am embarrassed how long it took me to work with Dr George... 

I had only been to, and disappointed by, western style doctors and thought that holistic natural healing was a bunch of bunk. After Dr. George moved his practice to Hawaii and I found he offered computer based programs of care, I sought him out. I searched here in LA for other natural doctors, and confirmed my previous belief: most holistic natural doctors are a bunch of bunk. They have good intentions, but they don't have anywhere near the knowledge that Dr. George has. I am now doing the 3 month program with Dr. George and what a difference in just 3 weeks. I had been having horrible PMS, and was home sick every time I had my period. Other doctors have that "Well, that’s the way it is" attitude. Dr. George does not. We went to work to fix it. I have my period at the end of the month…holiday time. Last year I was so sick with menstrual pain both times I saw my family. This year my parents showed up to Thanksgiving with concerned faces carrying boxes of Midol and Pepto bismol. I didn't need either. I am so thankful for Dr. George's help, all in the privacy of my home. I feel more energy. I am starting to feel like myself again. I am excited to be healthy with my family.


Joanne G.  | Thousand Oaks, California

I'm writing this because I finally feel really good...

I made a few recommended changes recommended by Dr George about a week ago, and by day four, I felt better: my stomach pain and bloat is far less, my allergic reactions are less, my gut that had pain is less, and my mood and mood swings are better.  I don't know about you, but that is a platinum standard for me, right there: the information I got from Dr. Kosmides is WORKING HARD for me. In real, doable terms: I feel better than I have in years. and I am so very grateful. I'd been sick for over 2 year, and the pain, the limitations have not only been debilitating, but really scary. All of that was dragging me down into a kind of depressed mood of thinking and anxious outlook on the future.  But now I'm feeling more relaxed -- I'm feeling like maybe the worst of things is over -- like maybe I'm turning the corner on this so called “untreatable” illness. And that makes me feel very of happy! It is astonishing how illness can make you so sad and unhappy, and how even the beginnings of getting better are enough to restore hope, and realistic optimism.  I think one of the things that has certainly helped is that Dr. Kosmides has been so empathetic, and kindly, but firmly persistent in instructions for me.  Having somebody by your side like Dr Kosmides who really believes you can heal, really believes that you can be well and therefore, can improve. George is so nice and so caring he actually cares about me. When it comes to the doctors this is something that is missing…   George is also an amazing assessor/researcher/coach. He is tireless about examining a problem from all possible angles, in determination to find out what's wrong what is the cause, and what can be done to make it gone. He's totally thorough about looking at your whole picture, and about appropriate looking at all the testing. His determination is without doubt. Not only that, but his integrity is pristine: he only does what he believes in. I think his take on health care is a breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeing where my restoration to health goes from here. I know that whatever comes up, George will discuss it with me. It's a collaboration. (Just as it should be, I think.)  Anyway, I hope this helps. 


Mindy S. | Salt Lake City, Utah 

Finally have found a doctor that has restored my faith in medical practitioners and he is a Chiropractor.  Who would have thought... Dr Kosmides has restored my faith and maybe even my humanity!  Dr. George Kosmides is extraordinary and really seems to care. We're still in the preliminary treatment phase in the program and still have to jump over a few hurdles (I'm being kind) but now my mother is finally on board…  Dr Kosmides is kind, likable and shows genuine concern.  But I finally feel like I have some help and a doctor who can actually make some positive changes. I'll have to keep working on raising money for the out of pocket costs, but I'd encourage anyone who is suffering and has yet to find relief, whether it's digestive or otherwise, to look into Dr Kosmides Program of Care, and if you're local to contact Dr. Kosmides. Seeing him is not only going to be great not just for my mom, but for our whole family, hooray!


May Ling C. | Phoenix, Arizona

"Dr. Kosmides was very insightful, very helpful and understanding of my complex chronic medical issues! Dr. Kosmides is the best!  He showed such great compassion and empathy with our who family.  We had been to so many other doctors prior to Dr. Kosmides. He was open to listening and look at the "whole picture" and keep searching for the cause of my severe illness. Dr. Kosmides was ultimately able to diagnose Lyme Disease of all things and my digestive disorders. He has taught us about supporting the immune system and has been immensely helpful with all the nutritional supplements as well.  I will never look at a chiropractor the same.  Dr. Kosmides is exceptional, I only wish I found him sooner.   


Kelly C. | Los Angeles, California

'I am an extremely lucky person.  I was blessed with a healthy first pregnancy, labor/delivery.  However, I wasn't so lucky and had a partial molar pregnancy the second time around.I had no idea why this happened - and Dr. George changed my life.  (NOT an easy thing to do).  Prior to George, I was eating McDonalds daily, and the only time I exercised was walking to my phone.  Now, I eat better, with a simple plan to follow, feel better - even though I am older.  He is a good man - truly cares about you and your health.  He knows his stuff, and not only will he adjust your body, he'll adjust your attitude and life.  I wish there were 10 stars here - he would earn them"!


Elizabeth C. | Canton, Ohio

“When I got married, my endocrinologist would always joke with me: ‘Oh, it’s time to get pregnant!’ ” says Elizabeth, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I was 23 years old. “When we were ready to start trying, is when I went to see Dr. Kosmides, he made it all make sense. At the outset, Dr. Kosmides and I had a plan. We would maintain an A1C of 6 or lower for the entire pregnancy, and I would have a completely natural birth.  Not surprisingly, there was effort, but the tips, treatments and information from Dr. Kosmides made it easy to follow. I and Dr. Kosmides office tracked my glucose levels with a continuous glucose monitor, faxed a log of my blood glucose readings to Dr. Kosmides each week for suggested adjustments and kept pregnancy cravings in check. You always hear, Oh, when you’re pregnant, you’re eating for two, but you only need an extra 300 to 500 calories per day. That’s not a lot.” To make sure my blood glucose was in control during delivery, I had my husband test throughout labor.  I had a 6-pound, 1-ounce baby girl named Leah. “I have the funniest and most adorable baby, and that alone is a success,” I worked with Dr. Kosmides, followed his reasonable sound health advice and everything went well".


Jordan C. | Duluth, Ga.

"Tennis is in Jordan C’s blood. His parents played in a local league, and his older brother, Mike, now competes for the University of Kentucky. Jordan caught the bug at age 8, and earlier this year he knocked out dozens of title hopefuls in the Junior Wimbledon tournament to finish second after Russian Andrey Kuznetsov. Now he’s joined the pros.  The tennis phenom’s record speaks for his natural ability, but what makes his story more phenomenal is the fact that Jordan has had type 1 diabetes since he was 4 years old. “I try and forget about it a little bit out there,” he says. “I don’t want to make excuses.” Off court, Cox is fully aware of his diabetes, monitoring how his demanding daily schedule—five to six hours of practice plus an hour or two lifting weights or running, punctuated by two breaks and lunch—affects his blood glucose levels. “During matches, the adrenaline kicks in and that makes the glucose go higher,” he says. “When I get high, it can affect some things on court.” To make sure he’s in control, Cox tests his glucose before every match. “You can’t let [diabetes] hold you back,” he says. “You can still achieve whatever you want.” Dr. Kosmides has made it easy for me and was a bit of a stretch at first to believe what he was telling me. By eating the meal plan and nutrition designed by Dr. Kosmides I have more energy than ever and my insulin usage is down 70%". 


Charlotte D.  | Nevada City, California

"I saw Dr. Kosmides in early Jan. when he first diagnosed me and adjusted my body. His diagnose was amazingly precise. I was stressed out and felt quite weak when I first arrived in Hilo. He put me on wonderful protocols and gave me helpful information on my diet. After a few days of taking his protocols, and the protein shakes he suggested,  I felt great improvement. I stopped all the other supplements.  Now it's been 3 months since I worked with him, I feel my energy is coming back and I enjoy life so much more than before! I introduced my father and friends to consult Dr. Kosmides. They have been on his protocols for two months now. Both felt stronger and happier.  Dr. Kosmides has a good understanding of traditional Chinese acupuncture, ayurveda, homeopathic medicine and more. He is the best chiropractic doctor I have experienced. I am continuing seeing and consulting Dr. Kosmides and will recommend him to anyone who cares about the total wellness and the well being of body, mind and healing".


Laura P.  | Los Angeles, California

"It took me a long time to finally go in to see Dr. George. I had only been to, and disappointed by, western style doctors and thought that holistic natural healing was a bunch of bunk. I had horrible stomach issues: bloating, needle like pain, nausea and vomiting. My co-workers nagged at me to see him when I wasn't home sick. Finally I found myself sitting in his office extremely frustrated and crying. This doctor has helped me more than any doctor or specialist I have ever seen. I am amazed at the knowledge that he has. I am embarrassed how long it took me to see him. He has changed my life. Dr. George is thorough and will work with you until you are healed. He is committed. By the time I was in to see him, I was at the end of my rope and I didn't believe that anything could help. When my symptoms actually got better....I couldn't believe it. Dr. George sits down with you and you go through everything you eat, medications you have been on, he examines every symptom that you have. Instead of getting prescribed pills to cover up your symptoms he works with you to heal. I searched for other natural based doctors, and confirmed my previous belief: most holistic natural doctors are a bunch of bunk. They have good intentions, but they don't have anywhere near the knowledge that Dr. George has. I am now doing the 3 month program most by phone with Dr. George.   I had been having horrible PMS, and was home sick every time I had my period. Other doctors have that "Well, thats the way it is" attitude. Dr. George does not. We went to work to fix it.  I have my period at the end of the time. Last year I was so sick with menstrual pain both times I saw my family. This year my parents showed up to Thanksgiving with concerned faces carrying boxes of Midol and Pepto bismol. I didn't need either. I am so thankful for Dr. George's help. I am starting to feel more energy. I am starting to feel like myself again. Christmas is at the end of next month. Instead of being nervous about my symptoms, I am excited to be healthy with my family. Thank you so much Dr. Kosmides your a life saver"…


Steven G.  | Los Angeles, California

Dr. George has been consulting and caring for me on improving my health for years.  His advice is reasonable and applicable to my daily life. His goal is to find the underlining cause and get it eliminated, a no-nonsense approach.  Some time ago I discussed with my mother if she was open to working with Dr. George. To my amazement she accepted and the results have been more than I could have imagined. Dr. George has been working with her via tele-clinics, over the phone and emails with spectacular results. His insights and the uncanny ability to communicate complicated conditions and solutions in plain language is just what the doctor ordered. 

I recommend Dr George with complete confidence. 


Pinner P. | Hilo, HI

I originally started working with Dr. George for weight loss and other health issues.  I lost 15 pounds in just a few weeks and I also bgan to feel great. Dr. George, the office staff with the e-mail and websites support has helped me to discover how to better take care of myself and my family. I was also able to lower my cholesterol 40 points and my the other blood work looks really good. My primary tells me to continue what I am doing. Amazingly, after not having a cycle I started that again… I must say I feel more emotionally balanced and just more comfortable as a female.  I realize now that I was too young for menopause and my body was just unable to have a cycle based on my past conditions of weak health.  Thank you for your help Dr. George.


Charmaine S. | Hilo, HI

I went to see Dr. Kosmides for my health and my weight initially. On my second visit Dr. George put me on specific nutritional support to help me.  I really wanted to get off my medication and I expressed that to both Dr. George and my primary medical doctor.  Dr. George worked with me and helped me to become more responsible and to basically “take charge” of me.  My goal was to get healthier so the drugs I was taking over time became unnecessary. All the while communicating to the doctor who prescribed them so we were both on the same page.   I was taking “Clonazepam” to help with my anxiety. I am pleased to say after 2 months of care by Dr. George I was able to reduce then eliminate the anti anxiety drug.  It was also making it difficult for me to focus and think clearly. I’ve lost weight and feel better overall.  I believe I won’t need the blood pressure meds if I continue to improve allowing my test results to show my improvement.  By doing the simple things that I know now will help me.  Step by step I’m getting there…


Lindy L. | Hilo,Hawaii

Dear Dr. Kosmides,        

I can’t thank you enough for all the help and knowledge you have given me the past 10 weeks. I can’t believe how fast your program helped me get off most of my insulin as my doctor was compelled to by my improved readings.  My primary doctor always asks me if I’m eating because my sugar levels were so low and I keep telling him I’m eating more… “My primary doctor’s nurse can’t believe how fast your program has helped me. She told me only a few patients in her lifetime turn their diabetes and other conditions around and she couldn’t wait to refer patients to your program”.  I went to my eye doctor appointment yesterday and she couldn’t believe how much my eyes improved! I was shocked! I told her about your program, she was so happy it was helping me in every way. As weeks went by on your program, my family has seen the changes in me. I was much happier, less moody, more energetic, even wanted to exercise again. I have so much hope now since I’ve been in your program that I know I can reverse the type 2 diabetes and a host of other health problems.I can’t believe I lost 20 pounds in less than 10 weeks! Being in your program for only 2 months has taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle and motivated me to keep on doing this program because of all the positive changes I’ve seen in my health.         

If you would like to share your testimony, please email us at thank you!